Which One Of These Hickory NC Restaurants Sounds Like A Plan To You?

Which One Of These Hickory NC Restaurants Sounds Like A Plan To You?

Hickory NC is a great city to start searching for restaurants. Maybe you live close by Hickory in another city in North Carolina. Is this a weekend adventure? Perhaps you are vacationing nearby, and you are in search of the best restaurant. I’ve got some great recommendations for you, three of them in fact. All you need to do is decide on the one that fits what you’re looking for in a meal, and then you can drive over there and dine to your heart’s content.

Backstreets Bar & Grill is the #4 ranked restaurant in all of Hickory NC, so you know it’s going to make for a nice place to visit. Backstreets Bar & Grill is located at 246 14th Avenue NE, and the bison burger is one of the popular menu highlights. I also see pizza, oysters, wings, and you might want to try out the coconut cake for dessert. Coconut cake sounds so delicious right about now, don’t you think? One more of the favorites according to reviews is the cajun chicken pasta.

You are going to read about a great barbecue restaurant in Hickory NC now. Hannahs BBQ South #3 is the spot, and you are going to find this lovely restaurant at 2391 North Center Street. Plan to enjoy some delicious barbecue, and reviews say that the place also has great sweet tea. People also rave about the hushpuppies served up there. I absolutely love to dip my hushpuppies in tartar sauce. What about you? I imagine that the barbecue sauces are delicious at Hannahs BBQ South #3, too.

NY Hibachi would make a great place for enjoying a meal, too. You might decide to stop by 2128 US Highway 70 SE at the Valley Crossing Shopping Center in order to find this gem of a restaurant. Enjoy frog legs, hot and sour soup, steak, sushi and much more. Baked fish is also a menu highlight, and NY Hibachi seems like it would be a lovely experience.

Are you going to stop by all three of these fine establishments in Hickory NC? If you are just looking for a meal to fit that weekend excursion, then you have two bonus picks for future visits to Hickory, North Carolina. I don’t think I would be up for frog legs, but everything else sounds very delicious and worth a try. What sounds like a plan to you?

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