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When visiting Hickory North Carolina you probably are interested in all the various things that there is to do here. In other articles we have talked about the airport and how it is a great way to fly to this town. In another recent article that rewrote, we focused on the ball and how it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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Hickory NC is a great city to start searching for restaurants. Maybe you live close by Hickory in another city in North Carolina. Is this a weekend adventure? Perhaps you are vacationing nearby, and you are in search of the best restaurant. I’ve got some great recommendations for you, three of them in fact. All you need to do is decide on the one that fits what you’re looking for in a meal, and then you can drive over there and dine to your heart’s content.

Backstreets Bar & Grill is the #4 ranked restaurant in all of Hickory NC, so you know it’s going to make for a nice place to visit. Backstreets Bar & Grill is located at 246 14th Avenue NE, and the bison burger is one of the popular menu highlights. I also see pizza, oysters, wings, and you might want to try out the coconut cake for dessert.

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